4 Danish Words & Phrases You Should Know About

Danish or Danish is very different from the English we are used to reading. Because indeed, English is an international language used for communication between countries. However, it is helpful to become familiar with some Danish words or phrases. There are at least 5 Danish words & phrases that you should know.

4 Danish Words & Phrases You Must Master

It is best if you know some of the following basic words in Danish. These four Danish words & phrases are the words most often used in everyday life.

  • TAK and NEJ TAK

To express gratitude, say ‘No’. It is pronounced the same way as the English ‘talk’. Meanwhile, to say no thanks, you only need to add the word ‘Nej’ in front of ‘Tak’.

  • HEJ and HEJ-HEJ

Furthermore, the word most frequently spoken by Danes is’ hej, which means’ hi ‘. It sounds the same as the word ‘hi’ in Indonesian. The word ‘hej’ has the same use in general, it is used to greet someone we meet.

Another word to know is ‘hej-hej’. Used to express goodbye. In English, it is ‘goodbye’ or ‘goodbye / see you later’ in Indonesian.


You can use the Phrase ‘JEG KAN IKKE TALE DANSK’ (pronounced ‘y-aye can ikka tailor dance-k’) to tell a Danish that you don’t speak Danish or Danish. So the Danes know that you cannot speak their language. Maybe they will replace it with English, because there are quite a lot of Danes who can speak English, just like in Indonesia.


Giving kind words to a friend or someone who speaks Danish will strengthen your friendship and family ties. That is the important benefit of mastering various foreign languages ​​besides English. One of the phrases that you must know is ‘Hav En God Dag’. The English word is ‘Have A Good Day’ which means ‘Have a good day’.

Every language in the world can be learned. To master it, it must be started with words that are often used in everyday conversation. Always practice the 4 Danish words & phrases used most often. After memorizing it by rote, you can add other words.